WIAW – Cardinal Greenway

May 7, 2014

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is from last Saturday when I rode on the Cardinal Greenway. As always, head to Peas and Crayons for a full description of WIAW.

The day started out the way all amazing days do – WITH PANCAKES! :) Did I mention I have the best friends ever? These are gluten free, as Celeste and Sarah are gluten free. And I added banana and frozen sliced strawberries:

Pancakes 1

I was saying how good they were when Celeste informed me there were more. Actually, I think what she said, exactly, was:

“There’s more…I made a double batch because you eat so damn much.”

I would have made a snarky reply, but I was already shoving the next plate of pancakes in my mouth, so I couldn’t:

Pancakes 2

I ate 9 of the 16 pancakes made. No, I am not embarrassed by this.

For lunch, I had two veggie burgers on whole wheat buns and a Dr. Pepper:

Veggie Burgers and Dr. Pepper

I almost never drink “real” soda, so this was treat for me. I was about to go cycling, so I figured it couldn’t be that bad…it’s sugar :)

During the ride I had two Clif bars, and 1 Hammer Gel:

Clif and Hammer

I also had 3 scoops of Hammer Heed dissolved in 2 bottles of water (not pictured).

For dinner, we had a little cookout, and I had the other 2 veggie burgers (they sell them in packages of 4, and although my friends love me, they definitely do not love my veggie burgers, HAHA! So I better eat them cuz no one else will) some steamed veggies, and french fries.

Veggie Burgers Fries Veggies

Oh and I had two of these:

Dead Guy AleDead Guy Ale

For dessert (no, the beer wasn’t dessert…hehe) we had an ice cream bar with a bunch of candy. I chose vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate M & Ms, a mini snickers, and a Reese’s peanut butter cup:

Ice CreamThis was a total treat for me. I can’t remember the last time I had a bowl of dairy ice cream, WITH candy on it! I almost resisted, but in the end I was glad I gave in to peer pressure :)

Training Peaks

My resting metabolic rate is 1360 calories. According to my Garmin, I burned about 2400 calories during the bike and about 200 during the run. I allow myself about 300 calories for living the dream, so that is:

1360 + 2400 + 200 + 300 = 4260 calories burned.

Obviously, there’s a great deal of estimation regarding calories consumed as I didn’t weigh or measure anything. But, I try to overrestimate if I’m not sure. I estimated I ate about 4700 calories total. This means at the end of the day I had 4700 – 4260 = 440 calories surplus. So, I probably overate by a little. I’m pretty sure it was the banana and strawberries I had with the pancakes, and had nothing to do with beer, ice cream and candy. ;) Oh well. I was on vacation, AND it was a celebration. Leave me alone!!

I’m always carb heavy on long workout days:

Training Peaks Muncie WIAW

(yellow is 8% and 82 grams of fat)

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!


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