WIAW – Wedding Day

May 21, 2014

I debated which day to feature as a WIAW today – Saturday’s Bike Ride Day or Sunday’s Half Marathon Day. I went with the Wedding day cuz weddings are special. As always, head over to Peas and Crayons for a complete description of WIAW.

So…I didn’t actually eat a “breakfast” if by “eating breakfast” you mean…well…eating. I should have had something, but I wasn’t hungry when I woke up, and I knew I would be starting with a climb right away, so I figured I’d wait until I got on the Cannon Valley Trail to eat.  Don’t ever do this…eat first.

I had a clif bar when I got on the trail. Outside of Cannon Falls I had a PowerGel. And shortly after my humpty dumpty moment I had another Clif Bar:

Energy Bars

“Gee Teresa, that doesn’t look like much for riding for 3.5 hours on an empty stomach…”

You’re right, and I’m an idiot. I actually got hungry before eating the second clif bar. Getting hungry is a BAD sign. Corby and I were talking the other day about how it’s amazing how many calories you burn while cycling but you don’t notice it the same way you do with running. I know that’s true for me anyway. I really do need to get better about eating more on the bike. Seriously.

So when I got back, I was hungry again, and I had a triple-decker peanut butter and honey sandwich in my hotel room. We stopped at a grocery store the day before to get things for Celeste and Sarah to make breakfast, so I picked up the bread, peanut butter and honey then. I could have packed all those things, but that would have involved me using my brain, and it was busy trying not to forget more important things. At least I knew I could bring it home.

Peanut Butter Honey 1Peanut Butter Honey 2

This would have been much better to eat BEFORE the ride. Heh.

And why not just make 1 and a half? Because triple-decker is so much more fun, that’s why!! And I would have made 2 or 3 but I knew we would be getting lunch in a couple hours or so, so this was just an appetizer.

Celeste and Sarah had gotten frozen strawberries to put on their waffles, and they had a half a bag leftover….until I showed up, that is. :)


We were in a bit of a hurry later, and there weren’t that many options, so we went to Taco John’s. I had 3 bean burritos, with hot sauce, salsa, and jalapenos added, a side of rice and beans, and a diet Pepsi.

Taco Johns Lunch

Celeste and Sarah had Meatheads cater their wedding, and served chicken. BUT, they’re awesome, and packed a little George Forman grill and some Boca burgers for me. I cooked them in the little kitchen area while the guests got their food. I had those on two dinner rolls, two more dinner rolls, fruit, green beans, salad and a beer.


Ok I had two beers…but the second one was later with dessert.

For dessert, I had wedding cake, a carrot cake cupcake (I’m powerless against carrot cake) and some Norwegian Almond Wreath Cake (Kransekake).


Ok, I had two carrot cake cupcakes. The second one I tried to eat later all stealthy-like, but Darrick, the other friend in the wedding party, caught me. He watched me eat lunch, and dinner, and  so he totally said “Oh my god are you still eating!?!” Unlike my friends, Darrick is unaccustomed to my post-long-workout binges. :)

Ok, I snacked on the Kransekake all night too. I just need to tell you – that stuff was the bomb diggity, yo! And it actually came from Norway. Like, on a plane the day before, with Sarah’s Norwegian relatives that came for the wedding. No joke. (btw, it was the 200th celebration ofNorwegian Constitution Day, their independence day, that day, so they really were missing out on a major national holiday to come to this wedding. Very touching.) With all that effort to bring that cake…it would have been rude not to eat it…..a lot of it……all night long. ;)

And look at the awesome topper they put on it!!:

Ring Cake with topper

I thought that was really awesome of them.

Training Peaks

Shut up, Training Peaks – I don’t even want to hear it! It was my best friends’ wedding, and I was running a half tomorrow. :::shoves more Kransekake in her mouth::::


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