Feb. 19, 2014

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is from last Saturday, when my mom and I took a mini-vacation to Madison. If you haven’t heard of WIAW, head on over to Peas and Crayons for a full explanation!

The morning started out with free breakfast at the hotel. THEY HAD PANCAKES!!! Not the best I’ve ever had, but I’m sure you’ve figured out my love for pancakes by now, and let me tell you, I was happy! A tiny muffin, half a blueberry bagel, some fruit, and a little egg-spinach-cheese-english-muffin thing rounded out the rest.


When mom met me after my run, she told me she knew I would need to re-load my carbs and sodium, so she got me a salted-carmel mini cupcake. It was pretty much the perfect recovery food ;)


A few hours later, we had lunch at FlatTop Grill. The first bowl I made I had noodles, veggies, and a couple different fake meat options – FlatTop is great for offering many of those! The sauce was Kung Pao and hot chili sauce. And of course the Roti Prata bread.

FlatTop first bowl 1

I wasn’t totally full after the first bowl, so I got a second one. This was mostly a mistake. I was getting full halfway through the second bowl and bordering on MISRA-FULL toward the end, but I stopped before finishing all of it. This second bowl was brown rice, veggies, veggie meat mix again, and coconut curry sauce.

FlatTop second bowl 1

After the movie, we stopped by a grocery store that we walked by to get stuff for that night, as neither one of us felt like a full meal again. This grocery store knows how to sort things – Candy and Health/Diet foods were in the same aisle! Not sure which one “chocolate” was considered…

Health Food and Chocolate

But that’s what I got! :

Chili Chocolate

Small plate of pretzels, veggie chips, chocolate and beer for dinner :)

Small Dinner

What does Training Peaks say? Well, there are days when I’m structured, counting and logging calories and trying to make sure I get at least close to the right proportions of carbs and protein I need….and then there are days I’m on vacation with mom and couldn’t care less. This day was the latter. :)


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