Winter just will not die.

April 26, 2014

Winter just will not die. It was sunny and nice when I left Oshkosh for the Pacesetters run this morning. The Weather Channel said it would be in the high 40’s and 50’s and maybe even into the 60’s. I believed them….which was my first mistake, as I should know better…and didn’t pack any extra gloves or long-sleeve shirt or anything “just in case,” which you really should do in spring…which was my second mistake. As I drove towards Appleton and the sky grew dark and the temp seemed to actually get colder, I began to accept my frozen fate. And Garmin told me after the run I was right:

Pacesetters run weather 4 26 14

I huddled inside Harmony Cafe until the last possible minute. I was super amused that my friends Kristen and Norman also wore neon hunter orange today:

Hunting party

Except they are not idiots like me, and their shirts were long sleeve, and they wore gloves and pants and other appropriate winter gear. I wore knee-high CEP compression socks, shorts, and a short sleeve shirt with arm warmers. Yep…that’s it. AND that was also about the time I realized I had not remembered any nutrition. That’s right, you heard me. I had none. I forgot to put my Hammer Heed in my water bottle, and forgot to grab any gels. When I realized what a sh*tshow this run was probably going to be, I seriously thought about going home and running or biking later. But I was already there, and so were my friends, so I just sucked it up. It’s not like I was going to die.

During the first mile, my friend Scott asked me if I was cold. I told him I was pretending my knee socks and shorts were really just pants with peek-holes for my knees, and that thought was helping keep me warm. He pointed out a few guys ahead of us and said “Those guys have on shorts, and one with just a t-shirt too – and you’re way tougher then those guys!” He and those other guys quickly left me in their dust, but it was incredibly, incredibly sweet of him. Thanks Scott!

My training plan called for an 80-100 minute long run, so I knew I would need to do the longest option, the 10-miler. And so I did, and here’s the proof from my Lie Detector:

Pacesetters Run 4 26 14Pacesetters run splits 4 26 14

I was pretty happy with the pace – to be honest, it didn’t feel like we were going that fast. Perhaps that was due to being numb from the cold. ;)

Then I had a very nice time drinking a nice hot tea and hanging out with Scott, Kristen, Norman, Susan and some of the other runners who I don’t know by name. Norman and Susan had a fun time calculating how many calories were in his Whopper (double or triple I can’t remember) with bacon that he had for lunch the other day. Something right around 1,300 calories in just the burger! Hey look – I could go eat one to replace the calories I burned during the run:

Pacesetters run time 4 26 14Except I probably won’t *snort*. We had fun talking to another runner – who I don’t think that I’ve met before and don’t know by name – who was also a vegetarian (but eats fish), about all the different diets runners eat. :)

I can’t help but share this pic with you too – this is my blogging assistant, Bink:

Bink Assisting

Bink would eat the Whopper.

Tomorrow I bike, and help with the second (and final) Tri Fox Swim Clinic! Hope you guys had a fun (and warm) Saturday!


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