Yoga for Runners (and Triathletes)

Jan. 23, 2014

Today’s post focuses on Wednesday’s workout, which was actually replaced with a meeting for my running club, the Pacesetters. We used to meet monthly at a coffee shop, but we decided this year to meet less frequently for that kind of meeting and instead mix in more events. Tonight’s meeting took place at Pura Vida, a yoga studio in Appleton, WI. The workshop was called “Yoga for Runners” but they let me in even though I’m a triathlete. They’re such good people. ;)

before yoga from behind 2

Chilling before yoga!


I can’t take credit for the above photo – it was taken by a friend of mine in the club, and she posted it to Facebook, and I stole it. I like it cuz I’m in it! :)

Fun fact: I do yoga! I used to do a class at my YMCA at 6:30pms on Tuesdays. I did this same class for nearly a year. My instructor took off the last portion of the winter YMCA session to get married, and at the start of the new year, the class had vanished from the YMCA schedule! I was super duper bummed. But, thankfully, I have a year of experience under my yoga pants and feel pretty confident doing my own yoga at home. I could look into another class, I just haven’t yet. I started doing it primarily because I am sooo inflexible, and for mental benefits, as I find it helps with focus.

Yoga has tons of benefits for triathletes! Here are some resources that say so, so you don’t have to trust me even though I totally know you always believe everything I say:

Why Yoga Can Benefit Endurance Athletes – USA Triathlon, by Kelly Mills

Yoga Poses for Beginner Triathletes –, by Steven Earth Mertz

Should Triathletes Do Yoga? –, by Ben Greenfield.

Fuzzy does yoga text


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