You can only plan for so much

April 8, 2014

I’m really tired tonight and don’t have much to write. I swam this morning, very similar workout as I’ve posted before. BUT – following a discussion (me whining, him talking) with Coach Greg last week about how I suck at kicking, and him telling me all triathletes seem to hate kicking but we need to do it, I actually did all the kicking my workout called for. All 1000 yards. Slow…without…flippers….but…I…did…them….For a total of 3200 yard workout. Woot!

Also, I did think it would be fun to share this story I was e-mailed by Outside Magazine today:

Drone Hits Triathlete

A competitor in Australia’s Endure Batavia Triathlon became an early casualty in the war between man and machine Sunday when an unmanned aerial vehicle fell from sky and clocked her right in the noggin. Raija Ogden, wife of defending champion Courtney Ogden, was reportedly entering the second lap of her run leg when the remote-controlled helicopter struck her down.

The drone belonged to local enterprise New Era Photography and Film, which was shooting live footage of the event. Ogden sustained minor head injuries. She was treated on site by paramedics and was in stable condition following the race. The Geraldton Triathlon club has released a statement apologizing to Ogden and vowing to find out what exactly went wrong with the drone.

New Era owner Warren Abrams believes the drone might have been hacked by an outside party and deliberately flown into human traffic. “We will be conducting a full investigation of what happened,” he told reporters. “But it looks as though someone has hacked into our system.”

I felt bad for her, but I also kinda laughed a little. Please hear me when I say it is not really funny though. Anyway, you can plan for – and train for – a lot…but attacking drone helicopters is just not one of them. Thank goodness, again, I’ll never be good enough to fear someone hacking into a drone helicopter to take me down!

Also – happy National Beer Day!!! Here are some fun facts about beer from the LA Times. I had a Six Grain Ale from the Stone Arch Brewery to celebrate :)

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